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Welcome to These pages will provide you with helpful information on many popular casino games both online and off. We endeavor to offer helpful strategies and information on how and where to play poker, blackjack, Texas hold 'em, roulette, craps and many other popular casino games.

We've also collected some of the special offers available through online casinos.

While odds on casino games are stacked in the house's favor. If you know the rules and know you're likely to lose more often than you win, then with a few simple strategies, you can have a fabulous time and not lose your shirt.

Think of it as entertainment and you'll get much more out of your casino gaming experience.

New! Online Backgammon -

Check out our new backgammon section for backgammon rules, games and where to play online.

Blackjack -

You're probably familiar with common games like blackjack, but learning the rules before you play will save you confusion at the table. Check out the in depth game pages linked from the main menu, and remember, if you ever get stuck at the casino, ask the dealer...

Blackjack is one of the easiest games to play, and with a concrete strategy, has some of the best odds available online and off.

Poker -

There are many varieties of poker out there. Non Gamstop poker sites have embraced a wide array of these games, catering to diverse preferences beyond what's typically found in a casual card night among friends. We've hightlighted a few.

We couldn't leave out Caribbean stud poker, not with on a site called "" anyway.

We've also included a more general poker page, as well as let It ride stud, Texas hold 'em, three card poker and a few places to play poker online.

Slots -

Slots, just drop a coin or token into the slot and pull the handle or push the button. You can choose to play a single token or several at once. The more tokens, the higher the potential payouts. Most machines require you to play the maximum number of coins to win the jackpot, but nothing improves your odds of winning. There is no such thing as a hot slot machine. The odds are the same every time you play, every pull, every push of the button. This is a game of chance, no skill is involved whatsoever.

When you pull the handle, it sets into motion three or four reels with various numbers or symbols on them. After a few seconds, the reels stop spinning. The combination when the reels stop determines if you win or, and this is most likely, lose.

The payouts for the different combinations will be displayed on the front of the machine (electronic slots will have a button that brings up a display of the winning combos and explains any extra features, special bonuses, etc).

Slots tend to pay in the 80 to 98 percent range, meaning that for every $100 that somebody puts into the machine, the machine will pay back from $80 to $98.

There are several variations on the standard slots.

Progressive slots have a whole bank of machines building on the same jackpot. With multiple machines feeding a single pot with every loss, the jackpot gets big fast.

Video slots play similar to traditional mechanical slots, but the cartoon animation and entertaining and interactive bonus rounds have made them a favorite among some players.

Baccarat -

Baccarat (BAH-kah-rah), James Bond's favorite, has always had a reputation as a rich man's game. The minimum bets usually start at $20, so it's not for the budget sensitive gambler.

The game looks comlex. There can be up to 16 players and eight decks of cards.

One of the dealers shuffles the cards, then places them in the shoe.

Players then deal. One player, called the banker, deals to one other player.

The winning hand is the one totaling closest to 9. You may bet on either the player or the banker to win, or that the two will tie (not a great bet).

Each hand is dealt two cards face down from the shoe. The player placing the highest bet turns over the player's hand. The banker does the same for his cards and the banker announces the winner.

To determine the winner, the two cards in a hand are added together, then10 is subtracted if the total is 10 or more. Face cards count as zero.

In the event of a tie hand, those who bet on the tie win and the hand is replayed. Tie bets typically pay 9-to-1.

Mini-baccarat plays the same way, except the dealer controls the shoe and there's a maximum of seven or eight players. The minimum bet is also usually lower. $5 tables are common.

Roulette -

As with slots, this is a game of chance, not skill. The odds of hitting any number on the wheel are the same every time around. But there are many ways to bet...

Check the roulette page for more details and strategy tips.

Craps -

Craps is a deceptively complex game. As with roulette, the mechanics of the game are simple, but the variations possible make the game seem daunting to new players. The craps page linked at left provides some solid strategy.

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