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Okay, step one in learning the various "Omaha" poker games should probably be to download some poker software such as Carbon Poker or Pacific Poker. Check out our poker review section for all the online poker rooms offering Omaha. The software will let you connect to a live, online poker room where you can practice (for free) against real players and eventually even play for cash. To start, look for the fun/play money options and any freeroll tournaments available.

Omaha is a similar game to Texas Hold'Em. The big difference is that instead of receiving 2 pocket cards, each player gets 4 cards. You must use 2 of these cards, and ONLY 2, to make your best hand, together with 3 of the community cards.

Omaha is played with a standard deck of cards with up to 10 players. Each player takes it in turn to act as dealer. If players aren't physically dealing the cards themselves, a button is used to represent the position of the dealer. This is moved clockwise one position after each hand.

Before any cards are dealt the 2 players to the left of the dealer place "blind bets". Usually, the second player to the left bets the "big blind" and the player immediately to the left of the dealer is the "small blind", which is half the amount of the big blind.

Each player is then dealt 4 cards face down. Remember, you must use 2 and only 2 of these cards, so this is once game where being dealt four of a kind isn't such a good thing!

After the cards are dealt, there is the first round of betting. The person to the left of the big blind will be first to act. This is known as pre-flop betting.

Once this round of betting is complete, 3 community cards are dealt face up. This is called the "flop" and these cards can be used by everyone to combine with 2 of their pocket card to make their hand.

After the flop, a second round of betting occurs. The person to the left of the dealer is the first to act. Once this round of betting is complete, a 4th community card is dealt face up. This is known as the "turn" card, or "fourth street". Again, there is another round of betting. Then the fifth and final community card is dealt. This is known as the "river" or "fifth street".

A final round of betting then occurs. The player with the best five card hand (rank of poker hands) wins the pot. A hand is made from any 2, but only 2, of your pocket cards, plus any 3, but only 3, of the community cards.

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