How to Play Pai-gow Poker - Pai-gow Poker rules and strategy - A Pai-gow Poker Tutorial


Pai-gow Poker -

In Pai-gow poker, the object is to beat the banker's hand.

Pai-gow poker is played with one deck of cards plus a joker. The ace can only be used as an ace or to complete a straight or a flush.

The players place a bet before any cards are dealt.

Each player is dealt 7 cards which must be split into two hands - one of five cards and one of two cards.

The rank of the hands is as in other poker varieties with the exception of A2345 which counts as the second highest straight.

The five card hand must be higher than the two card hand.

Once all the players have arranged their hands, the dealer turns over their hand. To win, both hands must be better than the dealers. You win the same amount as you staked. If both the banker's hands are better, you lose. If one hand is better its a push. The banker wins with absolute ties.

Pai-gow Poker Strategies -

Remember that you have to beat both of the banks hands to win.

You might often be faced with the decision of forming one very good hand and one weak hand, or having 2 average hands. You may want to play it safe and go for the push with the one strong hand.

You also have the option of playing as the banker. The house will be the banker at least every other hand. However, the banker has the slight advantage so it may be in your interests to be banker as often as possible. However, when you are the banker there is also the possibility of losing more as you have to cover the bets of the other players.

Even if you play the bank and win, the casino will still get a 5% commission on any winnings.

How you should split your hands may well depend on how the house splits them. However, this does vary from casino to casino.

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