How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker - Caribbean Stud Poker Rules and Strategy


Caribbean Stud Poker

After placing an ante bet, you're dealt five cards. There's no draw, and you're not competing with the other players -- only with the dealer, who also gets five cards, one of which is turned faceup for you to see.

If you like your hand, you place a second bet of identical size; if you don't want to make this second bet (and most of the time you won't), you push your cards toward the dealer and fold, forfeiting your ante.

If you play your hand, you win if your hand beats the dealer's. If you hold a particularly strong hand, you get paid bonus increments. These will be displayed on the gaming table, for example; 4-1 for a straight or 5-1 for a flush, regardless of whether your hand beats the dealer's.

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

Start off small. Remember, your bet will match the ante, so play within your comfort level. Try to find a $5 table at first.

Make the additional bet if you hold a pair or better.

In Caribbean stud, if you don't hold at least a pair, fold unless, and this is where you see a lot of numbers...

You can also bet if you hold at least A-K-J-8-3 (so A-K-J-8-5 would be okay, but not A-K-10-9-8 or A-Q-J-10-9).

You can also play A-K hands lower than A-K-J-8-3 if you hold the dealer's up card (so A-K-6-5-4 would be okay if the dealer is showing a 6).

If you ever see the progressive jackpot on a Caribbean stud table over $350,000, feel free to place that bet, but chances are you won't, so scratch that one from your mind.

That's how you play Caribbean stud poker - your optimal strategy. Playing more hands may feel like more fun, but you'll lose faster. Playing the progressive jackpot will increase the excitement level, but you'll lose a lot faster. You'll certainly be upset if you get dealt a royal flush - but, since you will be dealt a royal flush only once every 649,740 hands, DON'T BET ON IT.

Where to play Caribbean Stud Poker online:

Note: Caribbean Stud Poker is often called CyberStud Poker when played online

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