How to Play Three Card Poker - Three Card Poker rules and strategy


Three card poker -

Three card poker is a fast an exciting variety of poker.

The general rules of poker apply to Three Card Poker with regards to the value of the hands. However, as only three cards come into play, the highest hand you can have is three of a kind.

There are two different kinds of bet a player can make in Three Card Poker. The first is a Pair Plus bet. This means that the player is betting that their hand will have a pair or better.

An Ante bet means that the player is competing with the dealer's hand. If the player wants, they can make both bets per hand.

Once bets are placed, each player and the dealer are given three cards each.

If a player bet on Pair Plus he is paid according to the payout table.

If the player bet on Ante they can either fold or raise their bet. If they fold they also lose any Pair Plus bet that they made.

Any raise has to be of the same amount as the original ante bet.

Once players have either folded or raised, the dealer reveals their cards.

before a winner can be determined, you must first see if the dealer's hand qualifies. The dealer's hand only qualifies if it has the high card with a Queen or if it has a pair or better. If it doesn't qualify, the player wins at odds of 1:1 on the ante bet and get's their raise bet back.

If the dealer does qualify, then the best hand wins. The ante bet wins at odds of 1:1 and the winnings from the raise bet depends on the raise pay table.

If the hands are tied, the player gets back both the ante and tha raise bet.

Three Card Poker Strategy -

Your strategy can determine how much you bet on each of the Pair Plus and Ante bets.

A mroe conservative strategy would involve betting more on the Ante bet than the Pair Plus bet. It would be a more agggressive strategy to bet more on the Pair Plus than the Ante.

The only is one main tip to remember when deciding whether to fold or raise on your ante bet. If you hand is Q-6-4 or higher, you should raise as in the long run you will lose less than you would be folding and losing your original ante bet.

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