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Keno is often played in special Keno lounges in casinos. However, you will also notice Keno screens throughout the casino and its lounges. You can then make use of the Keno runners who will come and collect your ticket and bet and bring you any winnings.

It is also now possible to play keno online, which works in much the same way as the casino version.

You play keno on keno tickets of numbers from 1 to 80. You can choose how many numbers to mark, although it is usually between 4 and 10. There are many different combinations of bets and payouts. There are details of these in the keno leaflets you see around the casinos:

Below are brief explanations of the different varieties of keno:

Straight Tickets: This is the basic kind of keno game. Just mark off a selection of numbers - these are called "spots". The number of spots you can mark will depend on the casino - it will often be between 4 and 10, but will never be more than 20.

Way Tickets: This is using one ticket to mark multiple sets of numbers. For exaple, a three way ticket is just like doing 3 individual straight tickets. Mark the spots you want and group them together by ringing them.

Combination Tickets: These look like way tickets but you can also bet on combinations of the groups of numbers you marked. You must mark which combinations you want to bet on the card in order to be able to collect any prize.

King Tickets: This is where you mark an additional number than can be used together with ways or combinations of ways.

Keno games run very frequently. You can usually bet on a number of consecutive games on the same ticket.

Numbers are drawn for each game at random from 1 to 80. There are usually 20 numbers drawn. You win by matching enoug of your numbers to the balls drawn.

Many casinos also offer a video version of keno. These have similar rules to the narmal keno game, but plays much faster so you can bet on more games.

The house advantage on keno is very high at around 30%.

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Where to play Keno online:

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